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FIXED Vintage Kenmore 564.8888410 Microwave Power Question


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Apr 25, 2023
San Antonio, Texas
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My built-in vintage Kenmore microwave oven has no power. it is part of a built-in microwave/oven combo unit. I don’t know if the microwave receives it power from the oven or from a dedicated outlet in the back of the cabinet. I have no breakers in my electrical power panel labeled “microwave,“ but I have a 220 double breaker labeled “oven.” I have fliped all breakers off and on and have found no tripped breakers. I just need to know how the microwave is powered.
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Its part list shows a separate power cord with 3-prong plug. How accurate the parts image is, I don't know. I also don't know if it somehow plugs into the oven or a separate wall outlet.

You might have to pull it out to find out?

Dan O.
Today, I had an appliance technician troubleshoot my problem. The microwave does have a three-prong power cable that is plugged into a 110-volt three-prong female power cable from the oven. The microwave went bad and blew a fuse in the oven.

Now I know these is no dedicated wall outlet powering the microwave.

Thanks again for your reply.

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