Vintage late 50's turquoise hotpoint repair HELP!


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Jun 21, 2014
Dallas, TX
:wall:Hello. I'm hoping someone here can help. My 89 year old mother has had this turquoise Hotpoint electric Range since her and my father bought there home in 1962, and to the viewing eye it looks immaculate. But only one of burners work and the oven stopped working about 2 months ago. I told my mom I would try and restore it with new switches, wiring, Element receptacles and get it working by her 90th birthday in August, sadly she passed away unexpectedly last week! After her funeral all of the extended family and friends were at her house and each and every one of them made me promise to fix it because it was a part of the house and so many memories, my sister will be keeping the house so more Thanksgivings and Christmases can be shared by all, but I need help locating some of these parts that seem impossible to find or my family and friends will be in real disappointment when they learn there is no hope.

The stove or Range is a Hotpoint model #107RC65-A Serial # 0059632 and you usually have to refer to micro-fish to even find it. I need some guidance in how exactly these switches work and if I can use ones that looks exactly the same down to the very switching device inside. There are 3 different push button switches, 2 for the left sided burners (Part # on actual switch 602746 or the New GE part number WB23X5055), 2 for the right ( Part # on actual switch 605021 or New GE number WB23X5066) and 1 for the oven (602762 then goes to WB22X5057 and then to WB22X5054) I found 1 oven switch and one left sided switch and have been able to find nothing else. There are also 2 resistors to the ones on the Right 10ohm's and 20 ohm's which I suspect this could make it where there are 4 different heat levels I have spent countless hours of searching online and can't seem to find anything. Perhaps someone here knows a good place to look. I would appreciate any advice/leads and information about this model and how the switches work so I can make this family have a little hope. Thanks! :nightmare:


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