Vintage Wedgewood stove - oven wont heat, no gas hissing sound, pilot is lit, burners still work.

Miss F

Mar 31, 2013
Alameda, ca
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I have an old wedgewood stove, and used the oven and broiler fine the other day.
Afterwards the house smelled strongly of gas so I aired it out and relit the pilot which had gone out.
The pilot is still lit, but now when I try to bake the oven and broiler won't get hot. There is no sound of hissing gas like usual.
Anyone have any idea what's going?
The pilot is lit, I can't find any emergency cut off buttons or switches anywhere ( I have not pulled it away from the wall), and the burners still work fine. There is no smell of unburnt gas when the oven is turned up.
Thanks for any help you can offer! :)
On the older gas ranges that use a pilot light, they also use either a flame switch or a pilot generator to open the gas safety valve. When you turn the oven on, the pilot light kicks in a secondary flame that heats the thermocouple of the pilot generator or flame switch. The heat from the flame generates milli-volts and that's what opens the safety valve. There were many different styles and I don't know what style yours uses. It sounds like that might be the problem. Watch the pilot light when you turn on the oven and see if it gets bigger or kicks in the secondary flame.
More Help On Another Wedgewood Please

I have the same problem. There is no secondary flame and no sound of gas when I turn the oven on. But pilot remains lit. This is a 1960-ish Wedgewood.

Depressing the valve shut off/on button does not help. However, a few months ago when oven burners weren't lighting up, I would depress button and burners did come on and oven heated up. But that fix doesn't work any more.

What most likely is my problem?

Thanks in advance.
I'm not quite following you very well. Are you saying there is no secondary flame or your range doesn't use a secondary flame? If there is no secondary flame, the thermostat is the problem.

I'm not quite following you very well. Are you saying there is no secondary flame or your range doesn't use a secondary flame? If there is no secondary flame, the thermostat is the problem.

Sorry. Oven uses secondary flame, but none is present. And I don't hear any gas whoosh when I turn up the oven temp.

This has been a problem for a few months, but by depressing the valve reset button the flame would come on. Now, the flame doesn't come on, even if I depress button.

Is the cause likely to be thermostat or valve or line blockage or ..................? The reset button thing caused me to believe that it might be something other than the thermostat.

When you turn the thermostat on a secondary flame kicks down on to a thermocouple mounted in front of the pilot light. When that thermocouple heats up, the oven valve opens and lets the gas flow into the manifold where the pilot light lights the gas. I'm not sure what reset button you're referring to. Some of the older models used a pilot generator which is part of the pilot assembly. In order to light the pilot light you needed to hold the red button in on the magnetic safety valve for a few seconds before you could release it. Follow the gas line for the pilot light. If it goes to the thermostat then the thermostat would be the problem.
Maybe you just need to hit the red reset button, in my vintage 50's Wedgewood it is in the storage compartment on the left. My stove did the same thing, the pilot was lit but turning on the oven to heat it up would not allow any gas to flow and hence the oven heater would not lite.
You need to hold the red button down while you light the pilot light. The pilot light heats a thermocouple and that creates millivolts to hold the valve open. Then you can release the red button and the pilot stays on. Thanks Flredsox. You probably didn't notice this thread is 6 years old.
Well, Since this thread started in 2013 I might as well ask a similar question. Late 50s early sixties Wedgewood stove. The burners all work very well however the oven is hit and miss. By that I mean that I have a pilot light burning but if you turn on the oven sometimes it will not light until it has to much gas and it does the "WOOMP" thing and occasionly opens the oven door for you. My first thought was the pilot light wasn't big enough and it wasn't catching the gas coming out of the diffuser. sometimes you have to push the red button to get it going. This issue is intermittent, but I have noticed that if i leave the broiler door open a couple inches that this doesn't happen. or is it just intermittent on those occasions ??!!?? Any way if someone could give me a place to start I will try it. Some of the posts above talk about a secondary pilot light ?? I am unfamiliar with that. I have adjusted the flame with the screw near the right hand burner valve. It does have the red button valve in the warmer / storage area, and this unit was converted to propane from natural gas. Please help if possible.
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