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Want to buy - base for Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner


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Jan 7, 2008
athens, ga
I need a base (bottom housing) for my 1980s-era Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner. The model no. of the vacuum cleaner is 116.27312790, and the part no. of the base for that model is 4370315 (no. 21 on its parts diagram). All of the mechanical and electrical parts of my vacuum work fine, but the base is broken and the part is discontinued, and I'd like to just swap all the internal parts over into an unbroken base if I can find one.
It's not considered a major home appliance. I looked it up and can confirm the part is no longer available. But something that old it's going to difficult to find it. Look for a vacuum repair shop in your area. they usually have a bunch of old ones they use for parts. Maybe ebay ?

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