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Washer drains but will not spin or agitate


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Aug 18, 2015
Model Number
I have a Frigidaire Gallery Series front load washer model number GLTF1240AS0. My washer recently stopped spinning at all and leaves my clothes soaking wet. I tried to reset it and that did not solve the problem. When it goes to start the spin cycle the drum just moves a few inches and stops. I can move the drum freely by hand. I was able to lift the lid off of it and could see the belt. The belt is still in good condition and still attached to both the drum and the motor. The motor doesn't spin at all so the belt is not slipping. The motor just makes a humming noise during the spin cycle and the washer continues through the rest of the cycles. Before I rip the whole washer apart where should I start? Any help would be much appreciated!

Its possibly the speed control board, I have replaced a lot of these over the years for this same issue. But you'll need to ohm test the motor first, then volt test the pin connectors to the board.

Lots of times you can also look at the board for burnt spots on it, if you see that, then its definitely a bad speed control board.

Read post 1 and 2 to test both here: FIXED How to test speed control board 134149220

Here's the speed control board for your model you can order:
Motor Control Board 134149220 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy. RepairClinic.com

Glad to help, keep us posted on what you find.


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