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FIXED Washer Won't Spin, though it Fills up, Agitates, Drains, Fills Up Again, Agitates Again, and Drains


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May 13, 2014
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I need some help diagnosing the issue with my washer.

It goes through its cycle all the way to the point where it would need to spin, meaning that if I start a load of whites it will:
  1. Fill up
  2. Agitate
  3. Drain
  4. Fill again for rinse portion
  5. Agitates again
  6. Drains again
  7. .... that's it, no spin
Here's what I've done so far:
- checked that the lid switch works as expected
- checked that the machine can indeed spin: I did this by making a power patch cord that I connected directly to the motor at M6/M7 and M1/M3 like in this video: Motor testing GE front serviceable washer - YouTube - the machine spins like you'd expect
- checked continuity on water level control switch when empty (between 7 and 15), and when full (between 7 and 16) - all good there.

Should changing the timer out be my next move? What else can I check out?

Sorry we must of missed your thread.

Yes, sounds like the timer is the problem.

Here's the timer for your model:
WH12X10202 Timer

Keep us posted.


Yes. It was the timer. Replaced it, and everything went back to normal.
Can I do anything with the old timer?

Thanks again,
Glad to hear the new timer fixed it.:)

Can I do anything with the old timer?
No, unless you have an electronics recycling place in your area.


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