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FIXED Water build up inside refrigerator (model 106.70277990)

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Mar 1, 2018
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For most Whirlpool, Inglis, Kenmore top freezer models with the drain hole slightly to the left from center of evaporator coil, they often freeze near the top.

I sometimes had to fish them from both ends with a metal wire to make sure the tube was clear, but most of the times it's only the top portion that was freezing.

In some cases, I also had to blow through it by adding a flexible hose to the bottom of the drain pipe, and all the obstruction got out at the top.

For top freezer models, best way to prevent this situation is to add a 'drain heater'. Usually a 6 inch section of copper wire is enough.

I can often recycle this part, either from using the ground wire of a 10/2 electrical cable, or just leftovers of capilary tube. Making 1 turn around the defrost heater and putting the rest of the wire in the drain hole will prevent the drain from freezing again.

In really bad situations, you might have to add an aftermarket drain heater such as TJ90SH221 You can simply wire it in parallel to the defrost heater so they heat at the same time.

This is mostly required in bottom freezer GE models where the evaporator coil is just under the crispers, where freezing of the drain often leads to an evaporantor fan stuck in ice.

For bottom freezer models, I have seen quite a few occasions where the small duck bill has been removed, but in moist summer days, this resulted on additional frost on food in the freezer or condensation in the fresh food section, as ambient air could get into the freezer by the hole while the evaporator fan was stopped. This is why the P-trap tube is important to use.

Seing the complete list of models with the duck bill was new to me and it could prove useful. I have noticed that as a rule of thumb, most refrigerators using a jazz board and made before 2017 have a good chance of needing the P-trap. The Whirlpool P-trap kit also works on AGA-Marvel french doors refrigerators, which seem to have the same ice at bottom of freezer problem after a few years.

In case of top freezers models, I'm pretty sure there's no risk in not using a check valve nor a trap because the tube is much longer so moisture would likely just condense in the tube and drip back down.
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