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Water Fills CONTINUALLY with DeLonghi PAC CT90

rp allen

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Jul 21, 2013
central New Jersey
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I have a DeLonghi model PAC CT90 stand alone floor unit that will either (A) shut down from a full resivoir when the drain plug is in, or (B) drip water continously without the drain plug in. The first season this didn't happen. The second season we woke up to a hot bedroom after about 4 hours with "TF" on the LED panel meaning "tank full". Now in season three, it just drips continually or shuts off in about 90 minutes to two hours. I've contacted the manufacturer who claims "you must just have a lot of humidity in your home". I'm not buying that. The atmosphere in our home is no different than it's ever been. What about people from(ultra high humidity) Florida? Are they exempt from using DeLonghi AC units??? I have no prior HVAC experience, but I have no problem taking something apart to fix it as long as I know what the problem is and what needs to be replaced. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I threw $350.00+ out the window.
Thanks in advance,

shut down from a full resivoir when the drain plug is in

Without checking inside, may be different.....most have a float/float switch tha tcould be sticking/stuck. Many have a slinger wheel that throws the water against the hot condenser tubing to evaporate the water, not running, wheel fell off are possible.

Trouble nowadays is I can look at 6 DeLonghi port a/cs in a month and not 1 will be like the others....all different designs inside and outside :(


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