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FIXED WBVH5300K1WW GE Front Loading Washer Door Won't Close


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Dec 3, 2017
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For some reason I can't close the door on this washer. It's as if it's permanently in the "locked" position. I hear the solenoid going when I try to lock/unlock the door bit it appears the latch doesn't move or change positions. I'm not completely sure but this may have happened when I hit the door lock button before fully closing the door. Anything I can try that would avoid taking the whole thing apart? Thanks.
I was able to fix it. I needed to take the latch mechanism out. Then I needed to take it apart and reset the latch mechanism inside the unit. Now to try and fix that loose hinge ...
Good find and fix.:)

If it keeps happening you'll definitely need a door lock latch switch assembly.

Here's the door lock latch switch assembly for your model you can order:
WH10X10006 Door_lock


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