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WDSR2080DEWW GE Washer - Inconsistent/arrhythmic churning during agitation only, resultant squealing


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Jan 6, 2022
Bloomington, IN
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More than 10 years
Hello, my GE WDSR2080DEWW just started having issues. I've read through all the relevant posts on this site, and the advice seems very helpful. I can't seem to find anyone with the same issue, and would appreciate any help with this problem!

Here is a video demonstrating the problem:

Here is what I've observed about the issue:
  • There is an inconsistent rhythm during agitation -it works, then has trouble/gets stuck, then works again.
  • When I say it 'has trouble,' it seems to get stuck, screeches, and slows to a halt, then builds up energy until it can overcome whatever's stopping it, and accelerates before normalizing again.
  • This only happens on the second or third cycle of agitation; it agitates normally during the first agitation cycle. It seems like it gets 'tired' after the first cycle and struggles on the next one, causing this arrhythmic churning.
  • The squealing only occurs when the rhythm is thrown off. No squealing occurs during the first cycle of agitation, where everything works normally.
  • No squealing or issues during the spin cycle either.
  • This only happens when there are clothes in the washer, not on an empty cycle.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions! I'm really hoping we can fix this ourselves.


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Aug 24, 2004
Vicksburg Junction, Arizona
Hi Emily, from your video it seems the motor bearing is shot, with all the squeaky sound when the motor is running that direction while agitating.

While you have the front panel off, take the belt off the transmission pulley and motor pulley then see if the motor runs all by itself in that same way in the agitation cycle.

If so, then the motor winding(bearing) for the agitate cycle is shot. The motor is very expensive so it would be more wise to save the repair money for new washer in my opinion.

Here's the motor for your model:
WH49X10040 Motor

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