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WDT720PADB Whirlpool Gold Series Error Code E2 F2

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Jan 5, 2017
Model Number
My 18 month old dishwasher came up with blinking E2 F2 code. I've found only instructions to disconnect at power source (in my case, throwing the circuit breaker, since the DW is wired in). Turned off the circuit the prescribed one minute, turned it back on, nada. Turned it off for several hours, turned it back on, still nada. I've found 'reset codes' for using a sequence of cycle and option keys, also with no effect. Any suggestions for DIY fix would be much appreciated.
F-2....E-2 Fault code with problem code... User interface , No response from user interface.... Find your tech sheet behind the toe plate, it will tell you what pins to check for power out of the control panel......Access the control panel and inter-face....Set of small white wires, upper right....wiggle them, both ends....just to make sure if lost contact/ power at pins ( cheapest test)....
Thanks for your reply, so fast! I took the toe plate off and there was an plastic bag half glued to the inside, one end ripped open and empty -- is this what the tech sheet would have been in? Perhaps it's ended up in the file with the rest of the paperwork from the delivery and installation -- I'll have to look. Are the tech sheets not identical for the same model? So if someone else had one I could use that for the necessary reference?
goggle W10610059b ( tech sheet ).....look for a PDF download........you may need to drop the b......Any service calls I go to, I take the tech sheet with me, cuz the owner sez that they remove it for safe keeping, but they lost it anyway...........
Thanks for the info. Only thing that comes close on Google search is a sears manual / part, but page says only a technician can order and gives a phone number to call to make an appt. with a tech. Some site MANUALS ONLINE has pages that say they have answer but what comes up has nothing to do with Whirlpool dishwasher -- once was for a Troybilt Pressure Washer, i forget the two others. (What was being picked up was the number in an inquiry, that had no answers so something was just stuck on the page. Phooey twice.) Samurai some-thing-or-other appears to be some sort of scam - offers info but then requires upgrade of membership (membership? what membership?) so I backed out of there FAST. Sure am glad I know how to wash dishes by hand!!!
bigbuck posted that tech sheet in post#3 here: FIXED WDF760SADM0 Error Codes F7 E1

I found it by using OUR IN-HOUSE Google search, If you scroll up this page you will see where it says Google Custom search on right top side.:)

Thank you, got it, blessings!! Now I shall settle down for a read -- a long read -- a hopefully rewarding read! Out of curiosity I shall also check in the in-house search just to see what comes up. Never can tell when I might need to access G*d only knows what!
Ok, yes sounds good, yes you can use the in-house google custom search for anything you want.

Error Code F2 E2: User interface cannot communicate with main control. Loose user interface connection.

What to check:
1. Unplug dishwasher or disconnect power.
2. Check the connection between the User interface and the control P1C connector;:if the connection(s) is loose or if wires are loose or damaged;reconnect, repair or replace as needed.
3. Check for 5VDC from P1C-2 to P1C-4, if there is no voltage at control, disconnect power, replace main control. If there is voltage at control, then disconnect power and replace console.

Also you are missing the last digit of your model number, should be one of these below:

Here's the User Interface for your model:
Whirlpool W10838676 Panel-Cntl

Control Board for WDT720PADB0 and WDT720PADB1: Whirlpool W10751502 Cntrl-Elec

Control Board for WDT720PADB2: Whirlpool W10854231 Cntrl-Elec

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