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WDT720PADM1 Whirlpool Dishwasher Water leaking through center outlets on door, behind panel


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Feb 3, 2022
New York, NY
Model Number
6-10 years
Hello -

I came back to my apartment after a vacation to find my dishwasher leaking through the center of the door.

The water appears to be leaking through the vent or outlets marked with red arrows on this post:

These vents are clean and clear on my unit, however. What failure has occurred to allow a volume of water beyond the capacity of the overflow tray to be emitted from the unit?

The handyman in my apartment building attempted to fix the unit, but left me with pieces of poorly seated white foam at the base of the door where it meets the tub. I'm not clear if these are OEM parts or his attempt at a fix:


I can feel pieces of foam that are still there at the bottom of the door where it meets the tub, but as a renter, I'm not equipped to disassemble and inspect. The other handyman in the building came and took silicone caulk and fully covered the vents pictured in the post linked above, but admitted he doesn't know what purpose they serve. I believe they must have a purpose, though I'm not sure either.

The seal on the sides and top of the dishwasher (originally part W10524469) appears to be intact. I think these outlet ports and overflow tray are part of the inner door (originally part W10713291). However, I can't tell if there is a seal that has failed where the door meets the bottom of the tub. Is there a lower seal that could be failing?
If you were on vacation and the dishwasher was not in use at all and you found water overflowing from the tub to your floor, there is only one part that can cause that, which is the water inlet valve that was not closing fully, thus it was leaking water INTO the tub.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model you can order: Water Inlet Valve W11175771

Watch this video to replace it:

Let us know how it goes.

Hi Jake -

Wanted to clarify: the dishwasher was not leaking while not in use, but started leaking (through the bottom of the door) when I began using it again. Does that change the approach at all?

Thank you.
Yes, got it!

Usually its the lower spray arm that cracks, then starts leaking water out the door. Have you checked your lower spray arm for cracks in it?

Here's the lower spray arm for your model:
WPW10491331 Arm-Spray

If no cracks in the lower spray arm, then look here:

Check to make sure the diverter is not cracked or broken and its snapped into place properly.

Here's the diverter for your model:
Pump Housing Cover W11245091


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