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WDT790SAYM1 Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher leaking from underneath


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Dec 1, 2021
North Carolina
Hello I'm having a massive leak with my whirlpool gold dishwasher. Yesterday I was walking to my microwave when I stepped into a flood of hot water. It was alot but let me back up a bit and start from the beginning. The past 8 months or so I've had the plumber my realty company uses for their properties on speed dial. I kept telling this man the way my kitchen sink was stopping up was not normal we had a problem. He kept coming out here and pulling out a clog not looking any further into it and leaving. Within a few days I'd start calling him for it being clogged again.

But he would take his sweet time coming back out here. Im talking weeks. He had it in his mind this was from kitchen grease and I was causing it even though I adamantly denied the possibility of accumulating that much grease that rapidly when I hardly ever cook at that. It pretty much stayed clogged that entire time. Then when it slowly drained I would run a load of dishes and water would be stuck in the bottom of my unit causing me to need to drain it 10+ times for 1 dish load. It would leak from the door too. Again this went on and on for 8 months to the point I was losing my cool with this plumber.

This week he finally took me serious after I complained about his bandaid fixes to my realty company. That got his butt out here! Sure enough what do ya know I was right all along 🤦‍♀️ our kitchen pipe totally caved in he said. I'm not sure how he managed to miss that for 8 months but moving along.... Now that he fixed it i ran a load of dishes. I thought it had been leaking because there wasnt anywhere else for the water to go but now i know this issue broke something within my dishwasher because it's still happening now that my plumbing is fixed. My husband looked up under it and said it appears to be leaking from the bottom left side of the unit.

My model is WDT790SAYM1 what do you think is the cause here?
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Hi, That was quite the ordeal with the plumber, glad that's resolved.:)

Now with the dishwasher leaking, your husband will need to get a flashlight or droplight and take some photos or video of where its leaking underneath the dishwasher so we can get a better idea of where its coming from.

You can upload the photos here and upload the video to Youtube and post the Youtube link here. Or share your video per Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive and post the share link here.

I just saw your response. Very late I know. Ok I will do that and upload them here. I had someone else tell me that the part I needed to replace is this part I'm about to upload for you to see. That part is not the issue. We replaced it and it is still leaking like crazy.
Ok upon getting down there and looking first off the 2nd the water starts pouring in its leaking and alot. I couldnt see exactly where it was coming from but it appeared to be either extremely close to or has something to do with that white tube. Also on over I saw a small drip running off the other hose the gray one.


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You will need to pull the dishwasher out more to pinpoint that leak.

Ok this is the part. It is leaking out of 2 small holes in it. But i have a question. Idk what to call that thing but it's on the outside right wall of the unit and when we located it my husband spun it around which put those 2 holes on the top rather than on the bottom where we found it and the leaking stopped. Could this part maybe have knocked loose somehow which allowed it to spin upside down? Or is it actually broke?
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Ok, that's the water inlet assembly, looks like it came loose, it should be UP and NOT sideways. Watch the video below. Put it back UP and make sure the nut inside the tub is tight.

Here's the water inlet assembly for your model:
WPW10195536 Inlet Assembly


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