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FIXED WDT920SADM2 Whirlpool Dishwasher leaking under the door from the right side and in the middle door. Need Help

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Sep 15, 2020
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1-5 years
My Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher (WDT920SADM2) is leaking from the right side and middle of the front door. I cleaned the gasket seal and put it back but its still leaking. At first it was leaking very little but for the last two runs its leaking a lot of water in the first 15mins.

I have observed there is no water leaking from the bottom of the dishwasher.

Can I anyone guide me on how to troubleshoot this issue? This a 4year old dishwasher and I don't know if something major is broken..


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no there is no water left at the end of wash cycle. If I ignore the leak ,the dishes are clean and dry
How much water is in the tub after the fill cycle? Your video doesn't work. Make a youtube video and then post it here.
I did not open to see how much water is there in the tub after the fill cycle.
Make sure it's not over filling. Listen for the fill cycle to end then open the door and see how far it's above the element. Make sure the door hinges are not bent. Dishwashers shouldn't be level. They should be slightly lower in the back.

Thanks I will check the fill cycle. Usually the leak is happening in the first 10mins of switching on the dishwasher in 1hr cycle. I will observe the run this time and keep this thread posted
Is there any chance that this leak can happen due to the bottom seal of the door.
I checked after the fill cycle and it did not fill above the heating element on the front side.I am attaching the youtube video for reference. I replaced the gasket and i ordered the bottom seal but when i checked the current seal it looks good. Also i have a question does the bottom spray arm supposed to turn a little wobbly?
I didn't get to the wash cycle . It started leaking water so i stopped and drained. If I leave it it will go thru the cycle
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