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FIXED WED4815EW1 won't shut off in auto


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Jan 29, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
In auto/Accudry, the dryer just keeps running. In timer mode, the timer will advance, but not in auto. I think my model is older because most of what I've found online with this problem and this model number have either moisture sensors or circuit boards, neither of which my dryer has.
I replaced the cycling thermostat and that didn't work. I was fairly confident the timer itself was fine but I replaced it anyway and it didn't help. I did see on another post where someone with a similar problem found the orange wire from the high limit thermostat to be loose and that fixed their problem. Mine doesnt appear to be loose but I'm wondering if the high limit thermostat itself could be the problem. It doesn't make sense that it would be since it is normally closed and if it failed I'm assuming I wouldn't get any heat.
I've also seen a lot of suggestions dealing with airflow and obstructions. I took the vent loose and ran it with the same problem. Plus, the clothes are drying just fine.
I'm looking over the wiring diagram and trying to make sense of it. Any ideas on what else could be holding the timer out from advancing?
Is the dryer heating properly or overheating??

On your model, on a 'auto' cycle the timer advances when the heater element cycles OFF. If it is never ON or stays on all the time, it could retard advancing of the timer.

Does the element glow RED hot? If there was a short in the element or wiring, power could short to ground and bypass the timer motor. If not glowing red hot, check the element for shorts.

LINK > WED4815EW1 Dryer Element (with repair video)

Dan O.

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That makes sense, I'll check the element. I've had to replace burned up elements twice, but we've never had this issue before. So I've seen them overheat, even to the point of glowing red like you mention, and it doesn't seem to be doing that, even when we forget about it and let it run for an extended time. Would a short also allow the thermal fuse to be bypassed?
I've seen them overheat, even to the point of glowing red like you mention

Whenever the element is powered it should glow red hot. Then it will cycle off for a period of time then repeat glowing red, etc. etc.

Would a short also allow the thermal fuse to be bypassed?

A short can short circuit the wiring anywhere in the circuit, before or after the thermal fuse or anywhere else. It depends on where the short is occurring.

Dan O.
So I went to replace the heater and my wife noted it had JUST started failing to heat. Popped it off and found it burned up with a couple of busted coils. Dropped the new heater in and it's advancing in auto like it should.
Thanks Dan! This was probably going to cost me some money and was already driving me nuts trying to figure it out.

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