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(wed5530sq0) Drum will not turn


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Mar 29, 2010
Brentwood CA
Model Number
Drum will not turn / Dryer heat comes on - but button to spin just goes 'click' / checked for lint - clear / there is some black on heat vent inside / took everything apart and researched to find that issue may be that the 'thermal fuse' is blown / so replaced with (3392519 Whirlpool Dryer Thermal Fuse ) / put it all back together - ran 3 loads through it - ran last load and when to bed - woke up in morning - put in another load from washer - and SAME response - heated up - and NO spin of the drum

Please help with the next step - I don't have a meter to check any continuity or power and not comfortable on how to do so anyway

could it be another part that is bad - maybe a thermal sensor (not sure - just fishing)

so it did work good after you put in the new fuse? if so, you'll haave to replace again. Those fuses blow up when the temp. is way too high, so i'd say you probably have an air restriction problem, you need to clean out part#11 in the link below Whirlpool Parts Model Display

and also check your outside vent for restrictions, to confirm this theory, disconnect your ext vent from the dryer and run a few loads to see if you've got a vent problem:3:
I agree. You fixed the symptom but not the cause. Those thermal fuses are designed to blow if there is an exhaust restriction. That's why they're there. Check your ENTIRE exhaust system for clogs. If you have exhaust running thru walls or ceilings that can't be checked, there are hundreds of dryer vent cleaning service companies out there. Also, pull off your lint filter housing and make sure that's clean.

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