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FIXED WED72HEDW0 Won't Start


Premium Member
Mar 22, 2023
Edmonton, AB
Model Number
6-10 years

My dryer won't start and I'm looking for advice. Here are the symptoms:
  • Lights turn as normal when pressing power button
  • Selecting a cycle works as normal
  • When pressing the Start button, it beeps as normal, and I hear the click of the relay, but it does not start
  • Lights flash when door is open / double beep when trying to start when open
  • No error codes
Here's what I've checked:
  • Belt is in tact and on the pulley correctly
  • Thermal fuse has continuity
  • Motor has continuity
  • Motor switch has continuity
  • No burnt wires
Thanks in advance
Hi, Did you ohm test the door switch for continuity?

Here's the door switch for your model:
Door Switch WPW10350906

Also the broken belt switch? It mounts on the motor mount plate and has a lever on it that senses if the Idler pulley is contacting it or not. There is a video in the part link below that shows you.

Here's the broken belt switch for your model:
Broken Belt Switch W10847984
Thanks for the reply Jake.

I just fixed it. A solder joint for the relay blew out the back of the control unit. I repaired it with new solder and a thick wire jumper.

I probably wouldn't recommend this fix... but it saved me over 200 bucks.

Excellent, good job finding it was the control board.(y)

That's what I was going to have you check next if the door switch and broken belt switch were both good.

Here's the control board for your model, in case others would rather replace it:
Control Board WPW10654005

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