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WED8800YC1 Whirlpool Dryer LOUD screeching!!

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Geralyn Schell Hodges

Premium Member
Oct 18, 2018
Amarillo, TX
Model Number
I have read through several posts from people having problems with their dryers making this awful screeching noise, but I have not seen one yet that is my model #. I am wondering if you can possibly tell me what could possibly cause that? There have been times when I've noticed it makes the noise when the dryer is not perfectly level, but I've checked that and that doesn't seem to be the issue.
Also, is there a somewhat simple way to fix? I am a young(-ish) widow and I can probably take this dryer apart if I have detailed instructions? I would really like to not have to have someone come in and do something simple and yet charge me a crazy amount. You know?
Thank you for any help you can provide.

Common noise makers...

Drum-Roller-WPW10314173-05352300.jpg Dryer drum support roller - there are 4 of these.

Idler-Pulley-WPW10547292-01023962.jpg Dryer idler wheel and bracket assembly

Drive-Motor-WPW10448896-01192433.jpg Dryer drum drive motor

The noise would have to be investigated.

This should help with take apart info...

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