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FIXED WED9200SQ0 Whirlpool Duet dryer thermal fuse problem


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Apr 4, 2020
Monroe GA
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More than 10 years
I have replaced the thermal fuse in my dryer about three times since owning it (a long time). It always fires right back up after the same issue of not starting. It is doing the same exact thing (all buttons work and board lights up) by clicking and not starting. I ordered two new fuses and tried one and no luck. I jumped it out and the dryer fired right up. So, I then put the other new one in and it will not work either. What could this be? Help needed! I have all the tools and multimeter. Thanks!
Where are you getting the thermal fuses from?

You'll need a multimeter.

Unplug your dryer first before taking it apart and testing the thermal fuse.

Here's the video on how to access it: Thermal Fuse Access Video

Here's the video on how to ohm test it: Thermal Fuse Ohm Testing Video

Here's the thermal fuse for your model you can order here, if yours is bad:
Thermal Fuse WP3392519

Then remove the 2 wires from the thermal fuse before you ohm test it.

Poor air flow through the dryer is the main cause of that thermal fuse going bad. Make sure you don't have a vent restriction to the outside of your home.

So I got those off Amazon. Bad choice. Neither would ohm out with a meter and were brand new in the bag. I got a new one from an appliance dealer and it worked! No vent restrictions and this thing has been a good one. It made the move here to a new house and keeps on ticking. Thanks for your help!
Yuppers, that's why we highly advise folks not to buy appliance parts from amazon and ebay. We have seen a lot of problems with eBay and Amazon when it comes to appliance parts.

The ones we sell here come from appliance parts dealers only.:)

Thanks for the update!

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