FIXED WEE730H0DB0 F8E0 error code


Jun 12, 2019
Had the F8E0 code on a Whirlpool WEE730H0DW0. Followed a YouTube vid to open the oven front panel to access the fan.

The fan assembly uses two cables. The power connector (larger connector, two thick wires) is a solid Molex-style connector. The sensor connector (smaller connector, three tiny wires) is flimsy and does not seat well in its mating shell.

Any time you have a cheap connector passing very low level currents (like this Hall-effect sensor cable), you are all but guaranteed to get corrosion on the mating surfaces inside the connector over time. When this happens, signal flow is broken and the computer board thinks the fan has stopped turning.

I disconnected, then reconnected, the small sensor connector four or five times, leaving the cable properly connected to the motor assembly. I then reassembled the oven, switched on the breaker, and set the oven to 170 degF. The oven came to temperature with no error code. Problem solved.

If you get the F8E0 code and the motor seems fine (spins freely, resistance across the motor is 100+ ohms), try disconnecting and reconnecting the sensor connector a few times, then reassembling the oven. This could save you some bucks and a service call.