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FIXED WEE730H0DB0 Whirlpool Range F8E0 error code (part 2)


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Jun 12, 2019
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1-5 years
tl;dr ---
Before you order a new fan motor or a new circuit board, try removing, then reinstalling, both the sensor cable and the fan motor power cable. It's a lot cheaper than buying a new motor and WAY cheaper than a service call.

This is a follow-up to an earlier thread which had the same title without the (part2):

One year ago, I fixed my Whirlpool range by removing, then reinstalling, the small sensor cable connector on the cooling fan body. That cable connector is quite flimsy and doesn't seat very well on the small sensor board.

Today, the same F8E0 code appeared. I disassembled the range, removed, then reinstalled the small sensor cable connector a few times, then reassembled the range and tested it by heating to 170 degF. But this time, I got the error code again.

I realized that this time, I had not bothered to test the resistance of the cooling fan motor. So I disassembled the range again, then tested the fan motor resistance; it was just about 100 ohms, as it should be. I spun the fan blades a few times to make sure they spun freely; they did. I reassembled the range, ran the temperature check again, no error code; the problem was fixed.

The only thing I did different between last year and my first attempt this year is not checking the motor resistance. I now suspect the culprit is the contacts in the fan motor cable assembly. Testing the motor resistance means the cable is disconnected, then reconnected at least once, which would wipe clean the connector contacts.

I wrote last year that the sensor cable connector was really flimsy, and it is, but it seems you also have to pay attention to the motor cable connector, as well. Who knows, maybe either connector could cause this problem and you have to reseat both.

It also looks like I'm might have to do this all over again in about a year, if I don't get fed up and replace the range first.