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WF210ANW Won't finish it's cycle


Sep 24, 2019
Boston, MA
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi All,
I have a SAMSUNG WF210ANW that's just a few years old (though it gets heavy use).

The problem: Going into any cycle works but it stays at 7 min for a LONG time ( > 1/2 hour), and even if it decides to finish, the clothes are still soaked.

What I've done (yes I read the service manual that came with it :) ):
1st thought was: drain pump - So I went into one of the diagnostic modes and activated the pump and sure enough, It can drain the tub (mostly). Though opening the drain hose does result in a little water coming out.
INFO: When this started, the drain catch basket was *really* clogged. I went and disconnected all of the hoses to the pump and made sure they were clear.

2nd thought: Water level hose obstruction. Pulled it off the sensor and blew through it. When there is water below it gurgles. When I fully drain from diagnostic mode, I blow air unimpeded.

3d thought: Water level sensor - So I pulled it and tested it (or so I thought). It looked bad so I got a new one and installed it. Same problem.

4th thought: Main board - I pulled it and tested the connections to the water-level sensor. Though I had trouble getting a good reading on my scope, the board did seem to know when it wasn't connected (error code came up).

I have been through all of the other diagnostics. Spin works, water fill works, no error codes (aside from when I pulled the water level sensor).

Anyone have any other ideas? I would really appreciate hearing your ideas.