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WF350ANW/XAA-01 Samsung Washer shakes at 200RPM ONLY!


Feb 27, 2023
North Carolina
Model Number
More than 10 years
After 12 years, I had to replace the spider arm (and outer tub seal while I was at it). But now, the tub shakes at 155-250 RPM. This happens when EMPTY OR FULL of laundry. Often it causes the VRT to stop, re-tumble the laundry, and try again...and again. Up to 150 and after 250RPM, it doesn't shake.

I did replace the 4 shocks... but it made no difference. Admittedly, I used aftermarket shocks, and maybe they weren't strong enough??
I see reference in some posts to a balancing ring on the inner tub that is used to counter-balance the tub. Anyway to check if that is faulty?
Model is WF350ANW/XAA-01

Any suggestions??
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Aug 24, 2004
Vicksburg Junction, Arizona
Yes, we see a lot of problems with aftermarket shocks.

Here's another thread about this:

Also look here:

Here's the OEM front shocks for your model(Each sold separate):
Shock Absorber DC66-00470A

Video included in part link.

Here's the OEM rear shocks absorber for your model(Each sold separate):
DC66-00470B Shock Absorber

Also look at what @EugeneK said to check here:


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Aug 10, 2010
My first thought (and perhaps annoying to you) is to check that you might have installed each pair in the wrong location. The pair intended for the front were installed in the rear and vice versa. Apart from some obvious failure of one or more shocks, I have my doubts this is your problem.

Front loading washer shocks are simply air dampers. These things are not complicated devices. They comprise just two components: a steel cylinder compresses a small volume of air trapped within a plastic sleeve (no springs or oil or valving). And like all dampers, their main purpose is to absorb ("dampen") the oscillation of the springs they are paired with. I can't imagine the fact that you installed aftermarket shocks would make much of a difference.

The balance ring rarely fails. Save t'shooting this expensive widget until all other suspects are eliminated.

I recommend you remove the front cover (not a casual job, I realize) and inspect the counterweights carefully. Remove both and confirm neither is broken.

Run your washer under diagnostic mode and attempt to isolate the conditions—and any peculiar noises—that lead up to the problem you're experiencing.

And finally... <pause for plaintive sigh> even relatively new spiders can break again, and cause the type of problem you have.
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