WF42H5200A2 Samsung front load washer tub support


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Mar 25, 2019
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Hi, I have a question (a couple, actually) about the internal support of the wash tub in this (or perhaps any) Samsung front load washer...

From what I've seen, the tub has 6 points of support. On top it hangs from two springs, one on either side of the main cabinet. On the bottom of the tub, 4 shock absorbers attach to it, 2 front, 2 rear. From what I read/see, these shock absorbers are not hydraulic types, i.e., there is no "springiness" to them; they are not designed to support any weight, they simply resist movement in either direction. So I conclude from this that the shocks are not intended to support any part of the weight of the wash tub. Which would mean it is only the two top springs that hold the tub "up". I'm guessing that in its normal position, the tub should sit at a height such that the shocks would be close to their mid-position (perhaps a little higher, to account for the weight of the laundry load). But on my unit the tub, when empty, is very close to bottoming out on the shocks. With a laundry load in it, it does sink enough such that it is actually resting on the shocks and they then have little-to-no effect on absorbing vibrations.

Is this a correct analysis? If so, it seems like the suspension springs may have stretched out and/or weakened with age. Is that possible? I see nothing anywhere which would allow me to adjust the height of the tub.

Thanks for any insight.


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Aug 24, 2004
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I don't know the answer to that question as I'm not a authorized Samsung service provider and don't work on Samsung machines.

Here's the shock absorber for your model: DC66-00470A Shock Absorber

You will see a Question and Answer Section there at that part page, You can ask them here, They will likely know the answer to that question.