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FIXED WF42H5600AP Samsung washer leaking from air vent in back

Mr Rogers

Feb 12, 2020
Unsure if you're still dealing with this, but I have a similar model where after awhile I finally noticed the liquid was actually coming from that air vent. I took the top off, and removed the hose which was pretty easy to do. The foam filter in the vent opening was soaked so I rinsed it out and dried it before putting it back. I did a look for what might cause that to happen, and it sounds like it's usually soap related. I'm doing what the guide said as I type this, which is to run some back to back self clean cycles to clear residue build up. Hopefully that resolves it. I also was seemingly over due to drain the front and clean that filter, so I took care of that as well.

Occasionally my 13 year old starts loads, so I am wondering if maybe he's been using too much soap. I know the drum definitely gets over filled sometimes, so I'm going to try and prevent that as well.

Have you had any success since your last post?

Model Number WF42H5000AW/A2
Brand Samsung
Age <5 years


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Premium Member
Aug 14, 2019
Spruce Grove, AB
Sorry to resurrect this thread but it has started happening again. I've been doing the laundry for the last 6 months and it has been fine, no leaking. Decided I should run a cleaning cycle as I hadn't since March. Ran for 4+ hours (used the Affresh), emptied the front filter (any time I do this, there is nothing in there) and the next load I did, leaked. Did another two loads and it was fine. Have done a few more loads since then, and it seems to be only when I have my jeans in the washer that it leaks. Put only one pair in and still leaked. Did a load with 6 big bath towels right after and it was fine. I only ever use level 1 on the laundry cup so not using too much soap.

We actually called Samsung before the pandemic because we've paid for multiple service calls and they never find anything wrong and they agreed to send out a tech free of charge even though we were out of warranty. They spent a lot of time looking and really found nothing. Said there was maybe one loose bolt in the front but they replaced some front seal or something. Was fine for a good chunk after that...then the door lock broke so I replaced that myself and still was fine until after I did the clean cycle a few weeks ago. Maybe I need to run a few more clean cycles to make sure its good to go. But then I washed two pairs jeans last night with some other clothes and was fine again.

On an aside, the dryer can't handle a regular load anymore...the drum just won't spin so I have to dry half my wash at a time. Very frustrated with these Samsung machines...if the dryer belt or whatever is failing dies, I'm just going to replace both units, not worth the headache and money sink.