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FIXED WF42H5600AP Samsung washer leaking from air vent in back

Mr Rogers

Feb 12, 2020
Unsure if you're still dealing with this, but I have a similar model where after awhile I finally noticed the liquid was actually coming from that air vent. I took the top off, and removed the hose which was pretty easy to do. The foam filter in the vent opening was soaked so I rinsed it out and dried it before putting it back. I did a look for what might cause that to happen, and it sounds like it's usually soap related. I'm doing what the guide said as I type this, which is to run some back to back self clean cycles to clear residue build up. Hopefully that resolves it. I also was seemingly over due to drain the front and clean that filter, so I took care of that as well.

Occasionally my 13 year old starts loads, so I am wondering if maybe he's been using too much soap. I know the drum definitely gets over filled sometimes, so I'm going to try and prevent that as well.

Have you had any success since your last post?

Model Number WF42H5000AW/A2
Brand Samsung
Age <5 years