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WF448AAP/XAA Samsung Washer Repair or Substitution of Discontinued Part


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Jun 4, 2019
Orlando, FL
Model Number
This is a Samsung WF448AAP/XAA 02, built December 2009, in service since 2010 when we purchased it new. It has sprung a leak in a T-shaped part (I assume backflow preventer) just before the steam assembly. See here http://bit.ly/2Weq7V3 for context and here for picture of crack in the part http://bit.ly/2WezGTR. This is Samsung part #DC97-12578E, which has unfortunately been discontinued (no luck with Samsung or multiple parts vendors). I have purchased the nearest equivalent (see here http://bit.ly/2WerNhj), but the T off to the drawer is missing what looks to be a smaller second backflow preventer.

Unfortunately, I am a bit uncertain as to the mechanics in play here - specifically, I assume but am not sure the bigger valve is to keep steam from backing into the supply hose (?), but why would the little T off to the detergent drawer need what looks like that other check valve?

My questions... Can I safely use that replacement part as a direct replacement? Can the original part be patched with anything that would hold up to the heat and pressure of steam if that's what its guarding? And finally, if neither of the first two can work, is there any option for disabling/cutting off/rerouting/replacing a broader subassembly to get things going again.

Any help appreciated - definitely out of my depth here and the folks I've asked so far want me to give up on it for lack of the "official" part.
Here you go my friend:
DC97-12578H Assy Hose
Thank you for the response; the part you pictured is what I have purchased, but it is not the same part despite what's said on the web (i.e. you lookup the part number, you get this different part, which actually has a different part number on some of the sites).

Can you confirm that what you pictured is a drop in replacement despite the change in functionality? What did the extra stuff do?

That's a check valve you don't need:

Here's another option; Remove the old one, clean it and dry it (It comes apart). Use either a two part epoxy for plastic, Super glue gel for plastics, or rough it up with some fine grit sandpaper and use 100% silicone to fix the leak. The secret is to let it cure before you reassemble it (24 hrs).
Exactly what I was looking for - I will tackle this over the next couple days, and I appreciate the guidance! Thank you!

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