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WF45K Samsung Washer spins perfectly in diagnostic mode, but not when running washing cycle


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Oct 10, 2021
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1-5 years
Hi - I have a Samsung WF45K front loading washing machine. The machine won't spin after the wash cycle when I run it. It usually stays stuck at 6 or 9 minutes, keeps rinsing, but just never launches the spin cycle. Eventually, it will give me the Ub (unbalanced load) error code. Here is my challenge and additional info:

1. There really is not an unbalanced load, I have tried everything, lost of clothes, few clothes, clothes of same weight, you name it, I tried it
2. The washer is perfectly level
3. I calibrated the washer using the calibration function
4. When I go into diagnostics, and check for error codes, it does not show the Ub code (even though that is the one I get when running a washing cycle)
5. When I go into diagnostics, and run a test program, it passes gloriously, I.e. the machine spins like a charm to over 2,500 RPM with no rattling, shaking, etc, just perfection. After the test cycle, it gives me the all-clear, I,e test passes

So taken the above, how come it refuses to spin during a washing cycle, as it seems it works perfectly during a diagnostics test? Thanks so much for your help!
Could it be there is some unbalanced load sensor, and it is that sensor that is broken? If yes, where would that sensor be located?
Hi - thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I replaced the rotor / hall sensor AND the vibration sensor. No change. Wonder if I should replace the shock absorbers. But as mentioned above, washer spins perfectly in test mode, so can’t be shock absorbers, right?
I really don't know what is causing it then. Its best to contact Samsung to come out and see what's going on, their service manuals are very vague for this issue.


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