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WFG231LVQ0 Gas range F2 code


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Aug 30, 2017
Benton, La
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More than 10 years
Oven gets an F2 error while preheating, the oven can be reset by flipping the breaker off and back on and it will usually preheat fine after that, until the next time it preheats after being off for a while. I found a video about pulling the board and cleaning it with some electrical contact cleaner and tried that but it still gets the same error, usually when the preheat timer gets down to about 3 minutes.

What else can I check and how? Or is it a safe bet the board is bad?
F2 is a shorted Key. I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below. Page 2.

1. Verify failure, if not displayed. Go to the diagnostics screen and clear the error code by pressing the START key.
2. Unplug range or disconnect power longer than 30 seconds.
3. Plug in range or reconnect power.
4. Observe for longer than 1 minute.
5. If failure remains, go to Step 6.
6. Unplug range or disconnect power.
7. Replace control.
8. Replace all parts and panels before operating.
9. Plug in range or reconnect power.
10. Verify operation is normal. Go to Step 1 and complete checks.

Here's the clock/oven control board for your model:
Oven Control Board WPW10335164


  • TechSheet-W10200950-RevA.pdf
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