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WFG374LVB1 Whirlpool Range - Oven trying to start but won't stay on


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Jun 24, 2022
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More than 10 years
So this oven when you choose bake OR broil click 3-4 times real fast, you hear gas, it lights for 1-2 seconds and goes right back out. It will try to light again about 1 min later, it will do this maybe twice then never tried again until you cancel, and restart the process.

The gas on cooktop works fine. I'm leaning towards control (which says isn't made) but I was wondering if the safety valve could be the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.
Lets first ohm test the gas valve. You will need a multimeter to ohm test the gas valve.

Here's the gas valve for your model you can order, if needed:
Valve-Gas WPW10293048

Its located at the very bottom of your range towards the back, so you'll need to pull your lower storage drawer out to access it, get a flashlight or droplight so you can see better under there.

Unplug or remove power from the range FIRST. Set the Ohm meter on RX300. Remove the three wires from the gas valve. The wire connectors are different sizes so they can be replaced in the same spot. The center terminal is the common terminal. Put one meter probe on the center terminal and touch one of the other terminals and then the other terminal. The meter should read 216 Ohms both times. If not, replace the gas valve.

Solenoid Resistance Tests

1. Disconnect power from the range.
2. Set the ohmmeter to the R x 100 scale.
3. Touch the ohmmeter terminals to terminals 1 and 2 (Broil). The ohmmeter should read 216 Ω ±30.
4. Touch the ohmmeter terminals to terminals 3 and 2 (Bake). The ohmmeter should read 216 Ω ±30.

NOTE: Always check both solenoids. If one of the solenoids is defective, neither one will operate.


Keep us posted.
Ok, sounds good.

Let us know.:)
Getting 201 ohms common to bake and 198 ohms common to broil, which appears to be within the standards you posted.

They don't make the electronic control.

Any other ideas?
Ok, that gas valve seems fine. Its possibly a bad spark module then. Or a wire shorting out from the spark module to the spark ignitors in the oven(BAKE and BROIL). Check your wires first!

Here's another thread about this issue:
Do what Rick mentioned---->Set the oven to bake. On the DSI board check for 120 VAC J1-4 to J1-6. Check for 8-18 VDC J1-1 to J1-2.

Here's the spark module(DSI board) for your model:
Spark Module WPW10331686

RepairClinic ships to Canada: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Ignition-Module/WPW10331686/1937904


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