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FIXED WFG374LVS0 Whirlpool Range - oven Bake not igniting


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May 17, 2023
Poplar Grove
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6-10 years
So, I have a Whirlpool bake oven and the oven would not ignite. The stovetop and broiler ignite just fine, so I started by changing out the bake igniter, but still no change. I then changed out the spark module and still no change, so I tested the spark module with my multimeter and it shows the bake area is getting 124 volts. I then put the old oven igniter back on to see if it was just the spark module the whole time, but maybe my new igniter was bad lol. After all this, I’m still right where I started except for having a couple new parts lol. Does anyone have any ideas?
Hi, First--->Make sure the wire between the igniter and the spark module is not pinched or broken and make sure the connections are tight.

When you have it set on BAKE do you get any sparking at all at the oven igniter?

Here is the troubleshooting flowchart for your model: www.applianceblog.com/manuals/DSI_manual.pdf

Read page 28 and follow the flow chart.

The first thing it says is:

Check the polarity of the supply voltage. Even if no ground is connected, the DSI control will not be able to sense the presence of a flame at the igniter if the polarity is reversed.
Since its been working fine up till this point, then unless you had some kind of electrical work done in your house, then that's not likely the issue.

Then it says: Does the Bake burner establish a flame and then turn off?

Here's the way we volt test it all:

Measure between Red/White (#6) wire and the White (#4) wire on the spark module when set to bake. You should have 110-120 Volts AC.
(click to enlarge)
DSI Gas Range (1).jpg
Thanks a lot Jake, I checked the wire connection between the spark module and the igniter and the wire was pinched. Now everything is working properly, thanks again😉
Excellent, glad that was all it was.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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