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WFG525S0JV1 Whirlpool Gas Range broiler and bake burners both not staying lit, also shocked by the ignitors


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Aug 3, 2021
Duluth MN
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Less than 1 year
Hello all,

I purchased a Whirlpool WFG525SOJV1 gas range last December. I am having issues with the broiler and bake burners both not staying lit. Here are the symptoms I am experiencing..

1) Bake ignitor some times does not spark. Broiler burner seems to give good spark at all times.

2) Bake AND broiler burners will cut out anywhere from 5-60 seconds after igniting.

3) I was wearing shorts when I was tinkering with the oven. I was kneeling on the floor and had my knee pressed against the bottom front panel of the range and had my left hand on the handle of the oven door. I noticed when the oven ignitors sparked I could feel the shock. This was the only positions on the oven I could replicate this. It only did it on the oven ignitors, not the cooktop ignitors.

I was at first leaning on this being a thermal couple until I realized the issue was with the bake AND broil elements. This lead me to thinking it was a spark control board.

Then once I realized I was being shocked by the ignitors it made me think its possibly a grounding issue somewhere?

Thanks in adviance for any advice!
Call Whirlpool and set up a warranty service call. Everything is covered for the first year. If you attempt a repair you risk losing your warranty.
Can anyone share their experience with Whirlpool warranty? To be honest I'd rather just spend the $90 on something like a spark board and forego my 4 months of warranty vs a 6 week back and forth with Whirlpool. Hopefully thats not the case but thats what I am envisioning in my head.
Whirlpool warranty is top notch.:)

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