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FIXED WFG540H0ES1 Whirlpool Range Won’t maintain temp sometimes won’t reach temp

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Oct 25, 2019
Model Number
1-5 years
Model: WFG540H0ES1
Burner lights to bake/convection bake first try every time. Sometimes the oven makes it to set temp and sometimes it does not. If it does not make it the burner does not try to reignite. If it does make it to set temp the burner never tries to reignite to maintain temp. Temp sensor tests out good according to temp charts and ohms readings. Trying to decide if it is the main control board or the DSI board. When the oven is operating normally I receive 120V from j1-4 to j1-6 on DSI board and 10.2V from j1-1 to j1-2. When the burner fails I still have 120V from j1-4 to j1-6 but I will get an ohms reading from j1-1 to j1-2. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Range is 18 months old.
Picked one of these up today, hope this fixes it. 10.2V falls within the range but at the very low end.
I suppose it could be a faulty coil on the gas valve. 10.2 seems too low to me. Check the coil on the gas valve for 216Ω
Board seems to have fixed it for now. Ran it through a few heat cycles and it maintained on its own. We will try it out through the weekend and I will provide an update next week.
I think the board will fix it. Intermittent problems are the hardest to diagnose. If the problem reoccurs the DSI valve would be the problem. If that's the case you can exchange the part or return it for a full refund less shipping.
It's not recommended to be plugged into a GFI outlet, look below at what it says, I pulled this out of your installation guide:



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I replaced the gfci breaker with a regular breaker and the stove still has the issue of not maintaining or never making it all the way temp.
Make sure the oven sensor measures 1100 Ω at room temperature. If it checks good here's the part you need:
temp sensor ohms out as it should. Put a $400 board in a $500 oven... I don’t think so. Guess I will be shopping this weekend and not for a whirlpool. Any recommendations on quality gas stoves under $700
Maytag, that's what I own, and not a single problem in 15 years.

They are a division of Whirlpool.

Every appliance in my house is either Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore made by Whirlpool model number starting with 106. None of my appliances have gone haywire at all in 15 years.

Your in Michigan, you should go to Benton Harbor to Whirlpool Headquarters and ask to speak to the USA consumer products division president and they will likely give you a brand new range, since you seem to have gotten a lemon.

Range is 18 months old.

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They're laundry machines are almost identical but ranges are different designs.
Ended up being some pinched wires behind the bottom drawer. Wires are extremely thin, very poor design/placement of wires.
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