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WFT1060EP LG Washer will not turn on


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Dec 1, 2009
Model Number
This is a top-loading washing machine in the intellowasher line.

At the start of a cycle, while it was spinning the drum to detect the load size, and before it had started to fill with water, the machine went off and the circuit breaker tripped. The power is now restored to the outlet, but the machine will not respond to the power button at all.

So far I've tried unplugging the unit for several minutes and re-plugging, and tried a reset by unplugging, holding the pause button for a few seconds, and re-plugging. No luck, the machine shows no signs of life when the power button is pressed.

Any help troubleshooting this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Nothing comes up with that model number. Check all electrical parts in the machine for a short that would cause this.

Without a good model number we are dead in the water.


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