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WFW8300SW04 Whirlpool Washer stops working WHILE spinning

Joe B

Nov 21, 2017
New Jersey
Model Number
6-10 years
Hi, my washer works normally until it reaches the spin cycle. It starts spinning at a rapid speed and shaking, then stops suddenly. There is still time left on the timer, but it either pauses and forces you to press start to continue, or completely shuts off on its own. It gets some of the water out, but the clothes are still more soggy than normal.

If after it stops, you try putting it on the drain and spin only cycle, as soon as you start it, some water comes out of the pump.

There are no error codes, even when I ran diagnostics test.

What parts could be causing the machine to malfunction in this way?

It is a Whirlpool Model #WFW8300SW04


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Hi Joe,

It sounds like your water pump may be partially clogged, because all the water should come out with full force out of the drain hose.

Unplug the Machine
Remove Three Torx (hex heads) screws on front bottom of machine. Slightly lift the panel and pull the bottom towards you. Pump is right in middle in front of you.

Unscrew the pump handle with your hand, get something to catch the water thats left in it in, or get some big old towels to soak up water that comes out.

Here's the water pump for your model(Video Included):
WPW10730972 Drain Pump and Motor Assembly

Also, Check for stored error codes:

The washer must be empty and the control must be in the OFF state before pressing the touchpad sequence to start the test. Close the door.

Select any one key except PAUSE/CANCEL and remember it. Use that key and: Press and hold for 5 seconds>Release for 5 seconds>Press and hold for 5 seconds>Release for 5 seconds>Press and hold for 5 seconds.

Upon release all console LED’s will light up for 5 seconds. If there are any error codes, all cycle LED’s will flash and the status LED’s will turn on. The Estimated Time Display will show/display the most recent error code.

Press the same key to advance to the next error code. If the control doesn’t change, the same error code was stored multiple times.

If there aren’t any more error codes all the LED’s on the console will turn on for 5 seconds and the washer begins the diagnostic test.

To cancel the diagnostic test push PAUSE/CANCEL.

Let us know what you find.