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FIXED WFW8400TW01 Whirlpool washer duet sport leaking


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Jul 1, 2014
United States
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We had been noticing small amount of water every now and then. Finally I had a chance to look into it. I took the bottom panel off and noticed that there was water pooled there with lots of rust. I turned on the washer and noticed that a drop came down from behind the gray block. Does this mean that my boot/bellow is leaking? I couldn't find any obvious tear (like the ones shown in online repair videos) on it. Here are the pictures. One of them shows the gray block and the other one shows a mirror that points to back of the gray block where I notice a drop coming out.


Thanks for the response. I got the bellow but when I opened everything, it turned out that the dispenser hose was the culprit. Looks like it wasn't installed correctly at the factory. So we must be getting a small leak from day one. I replaced both as bellow had become gross with mold.

See the pictures for fun:

IMG_2271.jpg IMG_2243.jpg
Hi all,

Yup, seen that happen before, but its very rare to happen, like you mentioned it was likely a factory flaw. I've replaced about two in my 30 years as a appliance tech.

Here's that hose in case others need it too for this problem:
Whirlpool WP8540063 Dispenser to Tub Hose - AppliancePartsPros.com



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