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FIXED WFW9300VU02 Whirlpool Duet Washer F70 error then beeps no cycle


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Jun 26, 2010
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6-10 years
My symptoms sound similar to several other Duet threads, but not quite the same (or I have multiple problems) so I am going to post.
Yesterday this unit ran correctly.
Today, (after being disconnected for a bit) it powered up correctly and started to run a cycle normally

Checking it later however, it had stalled on an F70 error.

Later, after unplugging, leaving it for a bit then replugging (why? I have no idea) fiddling a bit no lights came on when the POWER button was pushed. Just a few beeps.S
Still later, after fiddling a bit more the LIghts came on and the Counter lit up (but the cycle indicator was flashing) when I pushed the POWER button. But when pushing START nothing happened.

in this thread
Jake suggested testing the MCU by disconnecting the three blue wire harness ( I presume this is the three blue wire harness at the top of the MCU) and trying again.
Jake said that if the unit now appeared to be ready to run (which I assume meant it showed a Time in the display), then it was a faulty MCU.
In my case the unit did NOT appear ready to run (no time displayed)

I am back to the quick beeps then nothing.


Oh and I should add. there was moisture on the floor when I ran it this morning (after it had been reinstalled in a different location.)
could that be related?
Hmm, curious.
this morning (after being left plugged in overnight) there was an F71 error on the display.
But, a cycle seems to be running and counting down from 50 minutes.

on reflection that water on the floor yesterday might have been from removing the old washer - either when we disconnected the water supply or if we tipped the old washer when we removed it.

Stay Tuned for updates
Hi Peter,

Yes, Make sure the washer is unplugged and check for water/moisture on any components and dry it off.

final report.
two cycles have run without trouble this morning.
and we are running the third.
mechanical and electronic faults don't usually fix themselves.
I am guessing either the MCU got jostled in transit (and reseating the upper harness reset it) OR somehow the MCU got wet and had to dry out.
but the underside of the cavity is dry now.
Lesson? Hmmm, try disconnecting and reseating the connections before rushing to order a replacement MCU.
that's all I can think of.
Jake? anything else might be happening?

But this is a prime example of the value of this repair forum. We are on an boat-access island once you get an appliance here, you want to keep it working, because they are a hassle to shuffle back and forth and the expensive of a repair person coming to such a remote place would be High.


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