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WFW9400SW00 Duet Drain Problem Question, F21


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Nov 23, 2018
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The washer has recently started displaying code F21, with the cycle not completing. I have not personally watched the entire cycle. When my wife complained yesterday, I removed half the load and ran "Drain & Spin." That worked okay yesterday, but not today. I removed all the clothes, reset the circuit breaker for a few minutes, and ran "Drain & Spin," with the spin setting on "No Spin." The sound it made is similar to what it usually makes, but it seems to lack the sound of water moving. After about five minutes the water level went down by about half.

-- Bad pump or clog? If it went through a Drain & Spin cycle yesterday, would it suddenly clog to the point that it takes more than five minutes to empty today, ie, the clog got to the point of barely passing any water?
-- What is the sound of a pump that can't pump? I'm hearing the sound of an effort, so it's not a complete electrical failure.
-- How often do you see an F21 as the result of the filter being clogged? From the pictures I've seen, the filter doesn't seem like it would clog easily. Is F21 usually fixed by replacing the pump?
Screenshot 2022-11-21 14.05.38.png

I'd first remove your tub to drain pump hose and check for a lint clog in it, there is a drain ball in the top of that tub to drain pump hose that prevents water siphon.

Here's your tub to drain pump hose below, Once you click the tub to drain pump hose link there will be a video on how to access/replace that tub to pump hose, so just remove it and check for a lint clog in the top of that hose where your drain ball is at.

There is no need to buy any parts if you find that clogged with lint.:)

WPW10467168 Hose

Video Included in part link of how to remove and replace it.

Let us know what you find.

Here's the drain pump for your model, if needed:
280187 Washer Drain Pump Assembly


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