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WFW9550WR00 Whirlpool Duet FL Washer No UI Lights, Clicking Noise when Plugged In


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Sep 24, 2021
Nashville, TN
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I have a Whirlpool Duet Steam front-loading washer that is giving me trouble. I have always taken care of the machine and have had no real issues with it to date. About a week ago I decided to run the "clean washer"/"Affresh" cycle for the first time in a while but when I realized I was out of Affresh tablets I stupidly thought I could just make my own with whatever random cleaning products I had lying around the house and made the always a no-no, stupidly-bad decision to put some Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent into the washer. About 5 minutes into the cleaning cycle I began to panic as the soap suds continued to rise higher and higher with no end in sight and suddenly water was coming out from underneath the front door.

I attempted to stop the wash cycle but of course was greeted with the lovely "INT" message at having interrupted the cycle and could not get the washer to drain on its own even after unplugging it for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. I finally unplugged the machine and removed the lower-front panel and manually / temporarily wired an electrical plug directly to the drain pump after confirming that the pump was indeed an AC 120 volt pump. Plugged in my temporary plug and it quickly drained all of the water out. I removed my temporary plug and reconnected the drain pump directly to the system like it's supposed to be.

Then, in order to exit the interrupted cleaning cycle I was able to do the three second button hold/release/repeat sequence and successfully entered the diagnostic test mode. The test completed without any issues or error codes and the washer rinsed out any remaining soap suds that were in there. I also ran a quick rinse and drain cycle with cold water to remove any additional soap. I went out and bought some Affresh tablets so I could complete the wash cycle as it's actually supposed to be done but still at about the same five minute time mark water began coming out from under the front door. I unplugged the machine, removed the top panel and front panels/door and began exploring inside looking for the origin of my leak. All of my hoses are solid and my front bellows is like-new and is on snugly.

I took apart the door itself and decided that's where the problem is coming from. I am aware that the cleaning cycle (along with I believe also the delicate wash cycle) uses more water than the other cycles and this explains why it's only leaking on this cycle. Upon taking apart the layers of the door I found evidence of ongoing water intrusion in the lower inside part of the door. The four screws that hold the glass window onto the door at the bottom via a small plate were pretty stripped out and I was also surprised that there was no gasket or sealant between the plastic door ring and the glass window portion. I used some JB Weld "WaterWeld" putty to repair the stripped screw holes and also applied a layer of high-quality, 100% silicone sealant in between the glass window and plastic frame and let it cure for a day or so.

I finally reassembled everything and plugged the machine in however now when I press the power button nothing happens - the user interface panel does not light up. There is a brief clicking noise that seems to be coming from the top-right control board or possibly from the door mechanism/actuator, or perhaps both, but nothing else happens. I have checked and re-checked every electrical connection I can find in case something came loose but everything seems to be connected properly. No water made contact with any electrical components, I am certain of this. I'm going to see if maybe there is a fuse somewhere that might have blown (I don't know why it would have).

Does anyone have any other recommendations? I haven't showered in a week now because I literally have not a single clean item of clothing to put on at this point, aside from a tuxedo or suit, lol. I stink and am beyond miserable. Please help me! Thank you very much!
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Aug 24, 2004
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How did you resolve it?

Do to all the traffic and posts we get--->We answer posts within 24 hours, I was getting ready to answer yours.

Just for your information, we are service techs here and have regular Appliance repair day jobs we run for our local customers as well, so its not like we sit in front of the computer all day doing this, we don't get paid for it either, so please be patient.