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WFW9600TW01 Whirlpool Washer loud spin cycle and brown residue on drum drive pulley


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Apr 15, 2022
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More than 10 years
15 year old washer, pretty reliable machine except a F35 error about 8 years ago that was fixed by replacing the Water-Level Pressure Switch. In the last 6 weeks has started making an extremely loud noise with vigorous shaking in the spin cycle (we tend to run it with the highest spin) but otherwise works fine. I've searched around and it appears that the failure may be
- the (4) shock absorbers
- the (2) top springs
- the tub bearings (?)

I've opened it up and it does appear that at least the front two shocks may have worn out - there is oil seepage from them. I can't tell if the springs are bad - the tub has a bounce that dampens reasonably fast but I don't know what the normal range is. I'm comfortable replacing these if these are the problems, the thing I can't determine is if the rear bearings on the drum have failed. From everything I've read it's not trying to fix that and it's time to replace the washer. The drive belt appears fine, surprising little wear and tear but I see a fair bit of brown dust splattered on and around the drum drive pulley, pictures attached. Rotating the drum by hand does have a slight sound and friction but again I don't know if that's normal.

Is this normal for a machine this old or does it indicate metal wear out and I should just give this project up as not worth trying to fix? Any thoughts and suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



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Hi, yes the bearings are worn out on your washer.

Here's another person with this same issue from 2020 where we discussed this:

Hi @Jake,

Thanks for your reply. I was afraid of that. Looked at the, very helpful, videos on the thread you referenced and this is beyond what I can do. Sigh!


Glad to help!


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