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What are the kitchen tools every home cook should have?

Jul 24, 2023
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PartsFPS is an online marketplace that specializes in providing replacement parts and accessories for various types of equipment and machinery. we offer a wide range of products, including parts for commercial kitchen equipment, HVAC systems, refrigeration units, beverage dispensers, and more.

PartsFPSaims provides high-quality, genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to customers to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of their equipment. we work with reputable manufacturers and suppliers to source their products, ensuring that customers receive authentic and reliable parts.

One of the key advantages of using PartsFPS is the convenience it offers. Customers can browse and purchase parts online from the comfort of their own homes or businesses. our website is designed to be user-friendly, allowing customers to easily search for specific parts or browse through different categories.

Additionally, we provide detailed product information, including specifications and compatibility details, to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. we also offer customer support services to assist with any inquiries or concerns.

Restaurant equipment refers to the tools and appliances used in a commercial kitchen to prepare and serve food. Some common examples of restaurant equipment include:

  1. Refrigeration equipment: refrigerators, freezers, and cooler units
  2. Cooking equipment: ovens, grills, ranges, fryers, and steamers
  3. Food preparation equipment: mixers, slicers, choppers, and food processors
  4. Serving equipment: warming trays, chafing dishes, and serving carts
  5. Tabletop equipment: plates, silverware, glasses, and table linens
  6. Storage equipment: shelving units, pot and pan racks, and ingredient bins
  7. cleaning equipment: dishwashers, sanitizers, and cleaning supplies
  8. Ice equipment: ice makers, Replacement Parts

PartsFPS is an online store that delivers Restaurant Equipment parts all over the world. If you have ever gone through our website we need not explain the ease of shopping with us to you. We managed to pull off the same with our mobile application too. As soon as you click on the app icon, every button inside stands on its toe to get your order! The navigation through the application is designed very intuitively making the process of ordering laminar. Let us go through more details of the app in this blog PartsFPS Mobile Application.

PartsFPS Mobile App

In our busy lifestyles, many of us don’t have much time to prepare our food on our own and hence we cater to nearby restaurants. And this makes restaurants get flooded with orders, especially during mealtime. For on-time delivery of food for the crowds, chefs in the restaurants not only push themselves but also push the Kitchen equipment in the restaurants.

Though the Restaurant equipment is made robust to handle quite a great amount of load, they endure for a while and get struck sometime later. But we know it's not a big deal and all it needs is a little part replacement or repair and again the appliance will be good to go to serve the hungry!

Exactly in this context, the PartsFPS app comes in handy.

Our Product Collection

We don’t want to brag but we are proud to share with you that many of our customers are more than satisfied with the service they are being provided by us. And many shares that the appliances run seamlessly after the replacement is done with our products. This is because we carefully pick the original OEMs and brands that manufacture the appliances used in commercial Kitchens and get them onboard.

In that way, owners can get the part needed not from a duplicate brand but from the same brand that manufactured the appliance. On top of that, we mention the product dimensions, the material of the product, and various other specifications in the product description. We also include the models of appliances in which the product fits, in the app itself. As the appliance and the part to be replaced are from the same manufacturer, there will be no problem with fabrication and also with function.

Delivery Service

We think it's time to talk about the in-time delivery service we provide. We are aware that the businesses we are catering to are time-sensitive. So by gathering knowledge from our experience in E-commerce businesses, we developed a delivery system that is fast and safe. We are so transparent with our service that we inform the delivery date while ordering and also you can track the order in the app while it reaches you. You will see almost all the time it will knock on your door even before the delivery date!

Quality Spare Parts at Best Prices u/PartsFPS

Customer Service

We have a 30-day Return Policy which you can avail of through the app in case you are not satisfied with the order received or you ordered the wrong part. We also have a great customer service team to help you out in these aspects. Please feel free to contact us through the contact details we have provided in the app for any information needed. You are very welcome to give any feedback and we are open to using that to make changes in our service system. Overall, PartsFPS serves as a reliable and convenient platform for individuals and businesses seeking replacement parts for various types of equipment.


We not only invest in our inventory but our prime investment and interest are in the trust of our customers. We hope our PartsFPS mobile application gets a good return on investment! It doesn’t matter which part of what appliance you want to replace, everything is neatly shelved and kept in your pocket. All you need is to take it out and click the app and pick your product.

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