What does LG pay?


Jul 25, 2022
Warrenton, MO

Hi all. What does LG pay companies for service repair work under warranty? I'm about to sign up to be an authorized service provider, but they won't discuss pay until I fully go through the process of submitting the application and all needed documents for proof of business, insurance, etc. After a quick Google search, I wasn't able to find much except an old thread on here from 2007 where someone says they pay poorly.

I spoke with a rep from LG today who told me it's a flat rate pay per sealed system repair. I am wanting to take jobs in rural areas surrounding me to get the work but not sure it will be worth it with the high price of fuel. I was hoping pay would vary based on location, but it doesn't.

I've also heard it can be a huge pain to get claims paid and that I have to purchase the compressor and parts in advance and then get reimbursed later. Does anyone know details about the pay and process? Thank you!


Appliance Tech
Staff member
Jul 3, 2021
Flemington NJ
When I did warranty for Dacor, Bosch/Thermador and SubZero/Wolf my contract was based on an hourly rate plus initial diagnostic trip. Pay was higher than my normal rate. Sealed system work was also paid hourly. Parts you paid for at a discount and then reimbursed + SHIPPING! when claim filed. Looking at the LG threads here I would not only run but run like hell.
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