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Where does the Styrofoam go in icemaker?


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Jul 26, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
Kitchen Aid Model KRSC703HPS00 (side by side counter depth, ice and water in the door)
Trying to figure out why the ice maker dribbles water into the bin making a solid chunk of ice and icicles hanging off the arm and everything else.
The cube tray doesn't leak.
I have removed the icemaker and there seems to be ice on everything - like the nozzle is spraying water instead of gently dumping it into the tray.
There was a chunk of ice at the end of the water discharge (why?) and it's been removed. I may put some silicone spray in the valley of the nozzle so this doesn't happen again.

I also noticed a piece of Styrofoam with three slots fell out and I don't know where it goes so I can't re-install it. Right now that's my biggest issue.

That is exactly what it looks like. There is (thankfully) nothing wrong with it. I just don't know where it fits.
Number 15 seems to go behind that plastic piece. Never work on model.


  • https:s3.amazonaws.com:sm-backend-production-attachments:repair-parts-list-w11373686-revb.pdf
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IM fill tube spraying water: Page 65:


  • troubleshooting-guide-w11531178-reva.pdf
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Foam fits as shown - thank you!

The "spraying water" issue may be solved (time will tell).
As mentioned on page 65 - there was a small chunk of ice stuck at the end of the tube. After removing the ice, I sprayed the tube with silicone spray and hopefully that will fix it for a while.

Thanks everyone for the help. I'll let you know if the problem is solved tomorrow..

This morning I opened the freezer expecting to find a bin full of ice. Sadly there is none at all.
All the wire connectors were reconnected, the switch on the side of the bin surround is "ON". The options panel is set to MAX ICE.

Do I need to reset something?
Thank you bigbuck. As the icemaker was working before I removed it, frayed wires would be very unlikely. Is there a reset somewhere? How do I enter diagnostic mode?
As it turns out, I must have wet the motor on the icemaker when I was checking the tray for leaks under the kitchen faucet. You would think it would be waterproof. I ordered a new complete icemaker and it is working now.
The icicles and solid mass of ice in the bin are apparently due to too much water going down the plastic fill spout and spraying everywhere under the cover. I have slowed the volume down by closing the 1/4-turn valve at the wall and this seems to work. Sadly, it also reduces the amount of water at the water dispenser.

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