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Whirlpool 5 door - wrv986fdem01 - loud clicking and freezer icing up


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Sep 6, 2023
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1-5 years
Hi everyone,

My whirlpool has stopped making ice, and I get a loud clicking noise from the freezer compartment. The back of the freezer has been icing up too. Sometimes the clicking gets quite a bit louder than this video. In diagnostics I went into 03 for the evaporator coil fan. The clicking stops when both fans are off (option 1) and comes on when the FC fan is on (option 2). I was planning to get a replacement FC evaporator fan but I wanted to check if anyone is familiar with this sort of clicking before I start down the rabbit hole of replacing parts.

It also gives a P0 error after I exit diagnostic mode. Refrigerator compartment cools fine.

I was able to get the clicking to stop and the freezer evaporator fan working again after cleaning the underneath coil really well and defrosting with a hair dryer. But now my compressor is running on high (and loud) non stop and a temp gun shows the freezer is at 18-20 degrees F.
I'm not sure if this is a freezer compartment thermostat or thermistor problem? But whatever should be signaling the compressor to ramp down isn't happening.
Bummer! Appreciate the response. I think we’re having different bottom freezer problems, I’m not even close to an expert so I don’t have any advice for ya, wishing you luck.

My issue is the bottom freezer water inlet tube keeps freezing up this not making ice. I replaced the water inlet valve yesterday and it seems to be working, the thought was that the inlet valve was slowly leaking so it was always supplying water. We’ll see.

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