Whirlpool Built In Wall Oven comes on by itself, locks, heats high, also does while baking with food locked inside- major fire hazard!!!!!


Feb 9, 2021
Whirlpool Model RBS275PDT11 Built-In Electric Wall oven; During Super Sunday 2/7/21 My 2001 wall oven was 20 minutes into baking wings at 425 degrees and 10 minutes remaining on the timer when I heard the oven beep. Fortunately, I was standing beside it and saw the display quickly illuminate a code that looked like "E4 L2" and the smaller word "Locked" underneath. That code disappeared quickly, then the panel only displayed the time 4:12pm and the small word "LOCKED" underneath. The display showed nothing else, no self-clean, broil, or bake light, no temperature or any indication whatsoever it was even on! I knew this was serious, my wings remained locked inside and I saw the top broiler element glowing RED HOT. I tried many button combinations, found the manual useless so ultimately hit the breaker off. After 5 minutes off then on, it still wouldn't unlock so we left the breaker off another 20 minutes while my food continued overcooking and smoking inside the very hot oven. I could only crack the door open .25" to help release heat and stood there for 25 minutes holding it open to help it cool so it wouldn't smoke badly until we tried it again, flipped the breaker on again, it unlocked and I removed the food.
THE REAL SHOCKER was after another 30 minutes the oven was completely OFF and even more cooled. Only the time remained displayed like normal and I sat at my island and witnessed the same code beep on, "E4 L2" and LOCKED. All on its own.
(*note the code numbers may be incorrect, it happened so fast then disappeared) That oven kicked on AGAIN and locked by itself with only normal time displaying and the tiny word LOCKED was displayed. Anyone walking past would never know it was on since the normal bake and temperature lights were OFF. I could see the top broiler element glowing RED HOT inside again. I keep a liner for catching spills in the bottom of the oven and that was still inside so the breaker went off again, PERMANENTLY.
No one in my house has ever used or scheduled the use of the Auto Clean mode so any hint that someone accidentally set it to AUTO CLEAN is absolutely incorrect. My 17-year-old daughter mentioned that this had happened to her previously.
Whirpool is aware this can cause fires and KILL people and never recalled this oven. I have now read many other blogs back to 2004 and someone paid $600 to replace the Control assembly, Thermo Control, and Thermostat together by a Whirpool licensed repairman and it STILL happened again after repair that back in 2004. I have no doubt it's happened frequently over the years but consumers haven't reported it. This oven will be replaced and I will NEVER buy a Whirpool appliance again. We were very blessed to be home every time it occurred.
The door locks automatically when the oven gets very hot, like for self-clean or could happen if it overheated due to an element staying on.

The error E4-F2 (aka F2-E4) is not listed specifically for that model but is a general user interface (electronic control) failure message. If the electronic control has a shorted relay causing the boil element to remain on continually, the electronic control is likely defective and needs to be replaced. There is nothing else that could cause the broil element to glow red hot other than the electronic control.

Unfortunately, the electronic control on that model (# 8186024) is discontinued and no longer available. The last price I seen for that electronic control new was over $300 JFYI

dacsIII said:
Whirpool is aware this can cause fires and KILL people and never recalled this oven.

I believe you're wrong (and you better watch your accusations so you don't get sued for libel!). There is a safety thermostat built into the oven that would shut down all elements if the oven got too hot. Of course, "too hot" on a self-clean oven is above self-clean temperature which is 850°F. No external damage would occur until it was above that temperature... provided someone didn't force the door open.

Dan O.
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