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FIXED Whirlpool cabrio washer WTW5840BW0 f7 e5


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Sep 25, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
For a few months now (off and on) the clothes in the washer has been soaked, washer did not spin.

I would set the dile back to drain and spin and it would not spin, click a few times. I would then empty and replete it would start to seance spin a few half times then start fast spinning. I would then stop the washer and re add the clothes and it would spin them.

Now, It wont spin cycle (fast/slow spin) at all empty or full. It will wash and go thought the motions but once its time to drain and spin it stays on sensing then spins maybe half a turn or one full turn to seance then nothing..

Error codes are f7 e5

I looked it up and i dont know if its a Shifter Failure or shift actuator.. I dont have a meter..
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Here's the tech. data sheet for your model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AWsUVW9FbplCDjkAxUR0qpVjf_OJqlMB/view?usp=sharing

Fault is displayed when the main control cannot determine position of shifter.
See TEST #3: Drive System, page 13.
• Check harness connections from main control to motor and shifter. • Observe shifter operation.
• See TEST #3a: Drive System–Shifter, page 13.

It may be the optical sensor in the shift actuator that's bad and causing this problem, let's test that.

Clear the current fault codes first. Look on PAGE 3 in the tech data sheet.
To clear fault codes:
--->Turn cycle selector knob until the status LEDs flash ON and OFF or “cl” is displayed on 7-segment. (See figure 2, page 2).
--->Press and hold START button for 3 seconds to clear all fault codes. Press POWER to exit Service Diagnostic Mode.

If, when in diagnostics the codes are F7E1, F7E5, or motor speed codes, then chances are it is a motor, capacitor, or shifter related issue. Once the codes are cleared, put the washer into a manual diagnostic test and run the HEAVY AGITATION; if
after 15‐20 Seconds the motor runs then you can rule out the motor, capacitor, control, and most likely the wiring harness connections (although still check the BK wire from the shifter to the control). Remember, the timing wheel only turns in the
transmission during the spin cycle.

Next, while in Manual diagnostics(page 4 and page 9), try to get the unit to spin; if the motor hums for a split second and then shuts down with the lid lock blinking; go back into diagnostic codes and look for shifter or speed sensor errors.

This is proof that the shifter/sensor assembly is the issue because the optical sensor is not reading the motor speed.

Here's the shift actuator for your model you can order here(Video Included):
WPW10006355 Shift Actuator

Let us know the results.

Ran the tests and came to the determination it was the shift actuator

So i replaced the shift actuator and it worked perfect empty, ran with light load, same worked fine.. fixed? Then ran with anoter half load ran thought its motions on final spin it just sits and again (f7 e5) there. I take the clothes out run the tests, it will spin, & HEAVY AGITATION... It seems under load or not empty it just stops working when it comes to the final spin..
I re calibrated the machine and it will drain and spin. I start another load it will work then stop at drain and spin, it will click and spin just a little on the sending mode.. i stop and calibrate and works then repeat..
That's very strange, I've not run across that before, and I've replaced many of these shift actuators and it always fixes it for my customers.

Check all your wiring underneath the washer and see if a wire is shorting when its under a load. Make sure the wire connector to the shift actuator are secure and tight.

I have attached a video so see what you think,

Maybe a bad shift actuator it works once.. I got it from a local repair shop

I did manual test it will only spin not AGITATION;..

PS: Is there a weight or sensing sensor that could go bad? Seems like if there is any weight it go banannas. I looked no loose wires.
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Yuppers, looks like a bad shift actuator, Go back and read my post #3 and do what I mentioned there to confirm it,

PS: Is there a weight or sensing sensor that could go bad? Seems like if there is any weight it go banannas. I looked no loose wires.
The optical sensor is integrated into the shift actator.

Excellent Jay, glad to hear the new shift actuator fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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