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Whirlpool CEM2743BQ0 coin operated dryer doesn't turn off and will keep running until you open the door.


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Feb 26, 2023
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1-5 years
Hey there

Dryer is a coin operated Whirlpool - CEM2743BQ0

A tenant called the other day and said the dryer ate her quarters and didn't turn on. When I went to check it out I opened the panel door on the coin operation box and moved the lever simulating the coin slot push (this is the process I use every time I want to run the dryer instead of putting coins in) and instead of a smooth lever motion it felt like it was sort of catching on something and had a more cachunk sort of movement. The dryer didn't start like it should after that, but when I flicked the lever a handful more times the dryer it started working like normal, even though the lever was still feeling sort of clunky, so I deemed it fixed for now.

Well unfortunately, while the dryer does start like normal now, it never shuts off. The timing cam on the timer is for 45 minutes but it runs for hours until you open the door, then it will shut off.

I'm assuming something is wrong with the timer (#W10045440) but I can't find any schematics or manuals online that tell you how these things work or how to troubleshoot them. The closest I can find is the manual for the whole dryer which only tells you how to replace the timing cam.

I can probably order a whole new timer and replace it for ~$150-200 but if anyone has any tips on how to possibly repair the existing one I'd appreciate it.

Hey Dan,

Thanks for that info. Sounds like just replacing the whole timer is probably the easiest solution here. I appreciate the advice.
As a quick follow up - It looks like the yellow timing cam is turning and therefore turning the black external gear, for some reason the whole mechanism is just not turning off the dryer as it should. I tried manually turning the timing cam + external gear together and it seems like eventually they will turn off the machine, it's just not doing it by itself. Do you think a spritz of wd40 might loosen things up? Or could that screw up any of the electrical parts?

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