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Whirlpool Dishwasher WDF510PAYS6 - Filling with Water, Soap Flap Opens, Cycling - NOT WASHING has new Pump

Apr 17, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
Whirlpool Model WDF510PAYS6 - Cycles, fills with water, open soap flap, drains, seems to run through all cycles, but circulation pump (wash cycle does not work) will not come on.

Installed New Drain Pump - Working - Verified
Installed New Circulation Pump - gets really warm, does not come while installed in the dishwasher. Shows Continuity - Took Circulation Pump Out - Connected 120v directly to the motor, motor runs.
Replaced Control Board - Does Exact Same - Dishwasher seems to Cycle, but not wash ( I tried to listen to if the motor tries to run while in the wash cycle, I can't hear anything.
Turbidity Sensor Original - Has not been replaced. Can a Turbidity keep a Circulation Pump from running ( from my understanding, if the Turbitity Sensor goes bad, the wash generally keeps running. NEED IDEAS!
Hi Victor, You will need a multimeter to ohm test and volt test to pinpoint the problem. Most hardware stores sell them too.

It sounds like a faulty wash(circulation) motor. I had two bad wash motors in Sept. and Oct. of 2018 here in my local area as well.

Look here: FIXED: WDF510PAYSA Whirlpool dishwasher spray arms not spinning

That guy in that thread had the same problem, and his uses this same circulation motor as your model does. So I'd remove it and ohm test it like he did, if you get no continuity then its bad.

Here's the circulation(wash) motor for your model:
Circulation Motor WPW10510666

You can also remove the electrical connector that connects to the wash motor, then put your meter leads in each one and then start a new cycle and after it fills watch your meter and it should say 120 volts. If it does then your wash motor is the culprit.

Let us know what you find.

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