whirlpool dishwasher

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Jun 13, 2017
Genoa, oh
Same deal, same dishwasher. I pulled my front panel off and there was moisture everywhere around the circuit boards. I'm guessing my e2 f2 code issues are due to the moisture in the circuit boards. Several panel screws were corroded as well.

First time this happened, i left it unplugged for a couple days. Miraculously it started working okay again. Then today 8mo later it died again but this time threw the error codes.

Total garbage. So many minor issues with this unit as well. I replaced a perfectly working 7yr old unit with this whirlpool because i wanted something quieter. Got headaches, puddles and disappointment instead for $450.
My new Bosch dishwasher from Lowes gpt backordered, so i decided to take another shot at fixing my whirlpool unit. The e2f2 user interface issue went away. I took the wash pump apart and found the issue: WATER IN THE PUMP MOTOR. Cleaned it out, dried it, put some vasoline on the seals, put it all back together and...BOOM...it worked again! For like 10min. Then it repeats the problem.

What a crock! The motor and pump work fine, but a crummy irreplaceable motor/pump seal is root cause. If they'd just sell that one seal/shaft part, a lot people could save some $'s.

Pretty sad they couldn't engineer this issue away. I have to imagine it happened during their lab testing. Prob just a revenue generating problem. Build a failure that takes 18-24mo to develop and the big commerce wheel goes 'round. Screw you, Whirlpool.

Pump assembly is # W10816492. Ranges in price $140-$185. Stupid.
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