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Whirlpool double oven dead display, but want to confirm control power transformer ok first, Whirlpool RBD305PRS00


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Jun 10, 2013
Southern NH
Coming back to this. I'm not ready to give up. :) I sent the control out for repair again (it was repaired 2.5 years ago). I sent it to a difference company due to timing and backlog, etc. Anyway, they said the board is not repairable, which I thought was odd. They said it tested ok, and had power where it should, but the display "appeared" to be bad, and they could not locate a new one. Appeared didn't sound very confident. Anyway, they charge me a $40 diag fee and sent it back to me. I could send it to another repair service, but given they said it tested ok, I wondered about the problem being something in the oven itself, although unlikely.

I cleaned the ribbon cable with contact cleaner, tested the capacitors (one was very jumpy, wondering if it's bad), and resistors. All seemed largely ok. I also check for cold solder joints and hit some suspect spots. I put it back in and when I turned the power on, I did NOT get the usual beep I get when the display doesn't turn on. Because the display was lit and the oven worked. For about 20 seconds. Then the display faded to black and I was back where I started, with the short beep, long beep, then 3 short beeps and no life except oven light. Although the oven did turn on with no display lit, and ran for about a minute before it turned itself off. It was warming.

I did check the control board thermal fuse, which tested closed ok, and I tested (at the control panel) the heating main over thermal fuse, and that tested ok as well. Does any of this point to a cause? I'm not convinced the display is bad or the control board can't be repaired. I did find online, for $30, Whirlpool repair kits which I assume contain new caps, resistors and possibly the transistors for the board. Worth a shot, but still doing the homework to see if I can solve this myself. I don't think I want to send the board out again for another $150-200.