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Whirlpool dryer GEW9868KQ0 won't start


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Mar 19, 2013
Model Number
More than 10 years
One night last week, in the middle of the night, the dryer started beeping, and the number 20 (or maybe 30) was showing on the time remaining window. The dryer had not been in use for a day. I was unable to turn it off with the touchpad, so I unplugged it.

The next day my husband determined that there was power to the machine because the light come on in the drum.

He tried doing a diagnostic at P4-1. There was no voltage coming out of P3-1, P3-2, P3-3, P3-4, P3-5, P4-4, AND P4-5.

What part or parts do you think are broken and how do I fix/replace them? Thanks for your help.
Usually when it acts like that, its the control panel touchpad that has a short in it, and you'd a new control panel touchpad assembly.

Here's it is for your model: Touchpad and Control Panel WP3978826 But its No Longer Available.

You may want to retire your dryer, its pretty much at the end of its life anyway, average life of dryers is only 8-12 years. Your dryer is a 2002 model. So you did very well at 21 years.:)
Glad to help!

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